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Apr. 12th, 2009

Kuja vain purple fingers

Haven't updated in awhile

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts: I'm debating in my mind which KH game I prefer... The first game has that sweet innocence, but the second game is much more epic.
Kingdom Hearts: Re:CoM: AHA! RE:COM! The answer to all my prayers!! I absolutely loved this game. Probably because of the Riku part~ 'Tis now my favorite KH game.
Kingdom Hearts 2: Gud game, gud game. I just bought a lovely Roxas plushie, and he's sitting right here on my bed next to me. <3
Birth by Sleep: This game looks pretty epic! It probably won't be out for a long time, though. :(
358/2 Days: So I WAS excited about this game until a number of things happened. 1) Nomura said it was gonna be really short, and 2) Xion is now officially The Game. So now I'm like ugh.

Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy: So I got this game on the PSP just for kicks because it IS, you know, the first Final Fantasy. I've only picked it up once so far, though, blasted other games to beat....
Final Fantasy II: PALAMECIA PALAMECIA PALAMECIA. Have my babies plz. :B :B Haw~ HALF an inside joke. :B <3<3<3 Er, anyway, I like this game so far. It's short, it's simple, but it has a very nice and pleasant vibe.
Final Fantasy III: So... it looks like I'm going to HAVE to buy this game on the DS, sigh. Hello, Luneth. This game and FFIV are the only ones I've yet to buy.
Final Fantasy IV: I got this game on the DS, but for the first time EVER, I had to return it based solely on how much I hated the graphics. I'm not usually like that, but for some reason I just.... couldn't play this game with those hideous, choppy, disgusting DS bubbles. I'm going to buy it again on the GBA eventually.
Final Fantasy V: Ahawlihaw, Butz is my hero. <3 I have it on PS1 with Anthologies, but I'd rather buy it for GBA just because Dr. Tot said the dialogue is a lot better. From what she said, though, this game is supposed to be amazing.
Final Fantasy VI: ALMOST. DONE. No, really. In fact, I COULD waltz straight up to Kefka right now if I didn't wanna level up a bit more first. Gawd, I love this game. 2nd favorite after FFIX.
Final Fantasy VII: I love this game too... Tot and I were playing it again yesterday, and we got to the crossdressing part. Best. Scene. Ever. In. FF.
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children: MOTHER!!!!!!!!!! I got a Kadaj plushie too~ :D <3
Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus: The only thing I liked about this game was Shelke. She was kuhl.
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core: 3rd favorite game after IX and VI! Not to mention I fucking love Zack. Hm, I seem to "love" a lot of Final Fantasy characters....
Final Fantasy VII: Last Order: Cute Cloud and Zack. But Clack is whack.
Final Fantasy VIII: Sigh. Still stuck on Adel. I don't like this game. :C The only redeeming quality of this game is Squall. <3
Final Fantasy IX: KUJA KUJA KUJA KUJA Have my babies plz. :B My favorite Final Fantasy.
Final Fantasy X: I've decided. I despise this game. It isn't at all good. I hate it all. Nothing good about it. It's all bad. No good. All bad. Suck.
Final Fantasy XII: DONE. AW MAN. See, I used to hate this game until I finished it and now I realize that I really really loved that game.
Final Fantasy XIII: I hope this game is good..... It looks like it might be kind of boring. :/
Final Fantasy Versus XIII: This game looks amazing, though!! Noct already looks like a pwn character.
Final Fantasy Agito XIII: Wut? No.
Dissidia Final Fantasy: SO. EXCITED. DO. WANT. But we won't be getting it until July-ish. :C

Oh, right. Happy Easter.

Mar. 14th, 2009

Kuja vain purple fingers


That one's me.

This one's Ansem.

From this site:


Jan. 20th, 2009

Kuja vain purple fingers

(no subject)


I thought I might as well update this with something that's not spam or .gifs or memes. Do you think someone should name their daughters Svidge and Midge? Therefore, I've decided to compile a list of places that entertain me more in my day than this simple, lowly hovel. LJ is just for checking my friend's pages, which notifies me on simple things like Dissidia and other Final Fantasy-related news, anti-twilight fandom crack, and random mediocre cosplays. (And Elyse Sewell, bless her soul.)

So I don't look like some kind of worthless bum, I'm going to PROOVE to myself, and YOU, the people, in turn, that I do most of my blogging/thinking on my DeviantArt. Why? Why blog on an art site? Well, I'll assure you that I participate in the intended purpose of dA -- art -- and I have a good collection of chums who support me!! In case you haven't noticed, NO ONE reads this. So why the fuck bother?

For whomever's viewing pleasure this tickles: QuietCrazyness4 is my dA name.

Have I ever mentioned that I do also roleplay? Yes, and on Facebook, as unprofessional as that sounds. But I gotta admit, FB is fucking fun to roleplay on. People there are good! And friendly! And I've actually made a total of *counts...* sixteen friends who either live in Canada or England! I be branching out, ya see.

Anyway, I roleplay Kefka on Facebook. (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=1368584930&ref=profile) (WTF, it won't make me make links)

There. I've redeemed myself.

Sep. 20th, 2008

Kuja vain purple fingers

(no subject)

OKCupid testsCollapse )

Sep. 15th, 2008

Kuja vain purple fingers

(no subject)

WordleCollapse )

Sep. 7th, 2008

Kuja vain purple fingers

(no subject)

Um. Hi, Tam and Amey.


DAYUMN I love this icon. Guess who it is. It's Kuja. *GIGGLE* *GIGGLEFACE* Oh, this is what his giggleface looks like:


Oh lawd, Kuja makes me loins quiver and me mouth titter. <3<3<3<3<3 I wish all men sported such angelic facial qualities~

Sep. 2nd, 2008

Kuja vain purple fingers



Aug. 6th, 2008

Kuja vain purple fingers

(no subject)

I have two different lives. Two different faces, two different personalities, almost. One I expose to those I know on Facebook, those whom I roleplay with. And then... the other one, the one I guess is the real one.

Luhawlilawlz, the real one, I say.

But they've been blending. Kinda freakin' me out, ya see. Where has my life gone?

I must remind myself that my mind will return soon. It comes and goes in bursts, goes out to lunch for a little while (thanks, Vivi), but it'll return. It has specific circumstances, requirements, that need to be fulfilled for my wonderful mind to return to me.

I'm afraid Facebook roleplaying is dampering my creative senses. But stop? And lose all those friends? (Which friends? Ah, yes: Kyo, Tam, Arienne, Kim, and Amey. Those friends.)
Sacrifices involving friendships are hard for us anti-socials.

I need to constantly remind myself that life is simple. I must live life simply and seperately.

Jul. 9th, 2008

Kuja vain purple fingers

(no subject)

YAY, new pretty layout! >:3

I dunno if I like Eiko or Vivi better.

But Kuja and Zidane definitely dominate FFIX.

Jun. 28th, 2008

Kuja vain purple fingers

Update 53247

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts: Ugh, Kingdom Hearts seems so inferior to FF now.
Kingdom Hearts: CoM: When the fuck am I ever going to play this game?
Kingdom Hearts 2: Yeeeeeeeeap.
Birth by Sleep: This game looks ruthah interesting.
358/2 Days: This game looks..... less interesting now. :(

FFVII Compilation
Final Fantasy VII: This game has been TOPPED!
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children: Yeah, yeah.
Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus: I wonder if I'll ever replay this.
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core: AMAZING GAME!
Final Fantasy VII: Last Order: :D

Other Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy III: I want to buy this on DS!
Final Fantasy IV: I REALLY want to buy this when it comes out for DS! :D
Final Fantasy VI: GOT IT FOR GBA! This game is..... not living up to the hype. It's more like my backup relaxing game. :)
Final Fantasy VIII: UGHH STUPID ADEL! I'm oh-so close, yet oh-so far.
Final Fantasy IX: *deep breath* HOLY SHIT! WHO KNEW THIS GAME WOULD BE SO FUCKING AMAZING?!!!!!! KUJA = LOVE!!! <3<3
Final Fantasy X: Replay...
Final Fantasy XII: You know, this game makes me feel better when I'm in my belljar.
Final Fantasy XIII: This game looks amazing!!
Final Fantasy XIII: Versus: So does this one!!
Final Fantasy: Dissidia: *another deep breath* BUT THIS ONE LOOKS THE BEST!

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